Cable Sata Data
Serial data cable for SATA hard drives (SerialATA). It is a bidirectional serial transmission cable that supports data transmission speeds of 3.0Gb/s, or approximately 300MB/s. This cable is shielded and has SATA 7-pin female connectors at both ends (SATA7-F/F).
Power Cable Adapter 4 Pin Molex Male to 5 x 15 Pin SATA Female For Multiple HDD
15 Pin SATA Power Extension Hard Drive Cable 1 Male to 5 Female Power Supply Splitter Adapter Cable For DIY PC Sever SATA connectors for power expansion, with a large 4P interfaces, expansion of five SATA connectors, SATA interface can be directly connected devices such as SATA hard disks, etc.The product uses 18AWG positive reticle production, permanent support high-current power supplyDoubling winding displacement wire cable design, do not cover the network, the line does not spread, the wire clean, flat and open wire line body such as perforation and convenient wiring.