About us

About us

Established in 1999, SYSTEMCO Sarl today is the one of the largest IT companies in the Lebanese market. By 2002, we had experienced dramatic growth in products, services, and clients. Since then, we have been building a successful Computer Sales and Service Center.

We are a well-known and very high quality retail and wholesale distributor for notebook and computer spare parts. Through strategic partnerships, we are able to concentrate on bringing effective solutions to the market. Our focus on personal service, competitive pricing and fast delivery is paramount.

Our gained experiences in the field lead us to diverge our retail business from our wholesale.

We care about our clients’ computer experience. Our knowledgeable sales and service personnel understand all about PC’s so whatever our clients’ needs may be, we can help. With a combined 10 years’ experience in the computer industry, we know our stuff.

We currently have 2 trademarks registered for the company in the ministry of economy and trade: Board-X (all our imported spare parts for computers and laptops) and PCCARE (related to all the services we offer).


Mission Statement

Systemco Sarl's mission is exceptional customer service.  Today, customer service is often talked about, but rarely is it defined or truly delivered.  We define customer service as meeting and when possible exceeding our customer's expectations by offering best value and on-time solutions coupled with exceptional pre- and post-sale customer service.

Systemco Sarl has demonstrated consistent year-over-year revenue and employee growth since its initiation in 2000. 

We accomplish this by continually reviewing and improving the effectiveness of our business practices and Quality Management System. Essential to meeting our mission is hiring, training and appreciating our exceptional employees who take ownership and responsibility of each task that they perform. Also essential to meeting our exceptional customer service mission is by regarding all of our business associates as partners in meeting our mission. Our goal is to work in union with our manufacturer, service, and distribution partners. This requires honesty, with professionalism and excellent communication skills.

Our strength is built on a sound long-term relationship with several of the most significant global and local vendors in the computer industry. A professional approach in conducting business has enabled us to form mutually valuable relationships with our channel partners.  This was achieved through stock availability, credit facilities and channel development activities such as pre-sales technical and consultancy support.

Building on the respect and loyalty of its business partners Systemco Sarl gains and maintains momentum in all the Lebanese market and its operations exhibit substantial growth year on year.


Customer Focus

We will provide quality service to our customers, both internal and external, by listening, understanding their needs, responding fairly and living up to our commitments.


Our target is mainly

  • To provide our clients with exceptional customer service, from pre-sales support to on-time and accurate execution of orders and post-sales follow through.
  • To provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.
  • To aggressively pursue advanced certifications and authorized reseller status from our manufacturers.
  • To advance our expertise in the global marketplace.
  • To offer highly personalized services through our knowledgeable and dedicated sales staff.
  • To build on our history of growth with our strong financial base and precise administrative capabilities.
  • Respect – Treating each other and all business partners with dignity, fairness and high regard
  • Excellence – Delivering exceptional service, value, and the capabilities our clients and partners expect.
  • Determination – revealing strength of character through determination and perseverance
  • Recognition – Acknowledging each other’s accomplishments, promoting from within, and encouraging individual initiative
  • Integrity – Demonstrating honor and trustworthiness in all interactions; commitment to Standards of Conduct and Business Ethics
  • Vision – Planning for the future through controlled growth strategies, embracing change
  • Efficiency – Encouraging teamwork, resourcefulness, and continuous improvement through an open work environment
  • We will continue to be a "valued customer" to our suppliers, treating them as partners.
  • We will invest in key technologies vital to the retail category success.