What are voucher codes?

A voucher code is a set of numbers and letters that can be used to top up your wallet by obtaining discounts on purchases from our Store.

You can receive a voucher code on a top up card purchased in a store or like to our Facebook page.

Before you redeem your voucher code, please note the following:

  • You can only use a voucher code once. You can find out if a voucher code has been used already by checking the transaction history of your account (the voucher code is displayed on the transaction detail).
  • Do not attempt to redeem the code on any account other than the account that you want to code to be added to, as we cannot transfer funds or content between accounts.
  • If the voucher code has been used you will receive a pop up message when you try to redeem it stating that the voucher code is already used. If a voucher code appears to be used, though you believe you have not redeemed it, please contact us.

How do I redeem a voucher code?

You can redeem your voucher code either in Account Management or at the checkout when you make a purchase.