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-Type: AC Adapter magnetic 60Watts-Voltage: 16.5V-Current: 3.5A

-Type: AC Adapter magnetic 60Watts-Voltage: 18.5V-Current: 4.6A

-Type: AC Adapter 5.0mm-Voltage: 19.5V-Current: 3.34A

-Type: AC Adapter 4.8x 1.7mm-Voltage: 19V-Current: 1.58A

-Type: AC Adapter bullet tip 1.6mm-Voltage: 19V-Current: 4.74A

-Type: AC Adapter pin inside 5.0mm-Voltage: 19V-Current: 4.74A

-Type: AC Adapter 4.8X 1.7mm-Voltage: 19.5V-Current: 3.33A

-Type: AC Adapter 5.5x 3.0mm-Voltage: 19V-Current: 2.1A

-Type: AC Adapter 3.0mm-Voltage: 19V-Current: 3.16A
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